Two Hearts Homes for Seniors is a NEW approach to Assisted Living. When you picture an assisted living facility, you think of a building with many rooms or apartments and many people either working or living there. There is a big parking lot and a “directory” and elevators and a lot of things going on. While this may be the first choice for some, there might be those who prefer a more quiet, intimate environment for a caring home. Residential assisted living homes like Two Hearts are located in neighborhoods and look just like a typical home (more of a large ranch, usually).

They are designed to give those living there a feeling that they are still “home.” There are many of the same amenities offered at a residential home as there are at a larger facility, such as therapies, activities, meals, assistance with daily activities, and more. Two Hearts is a home built to house only 16 residents in order to keep that home-like, family feel. Because the maximum number of occupants at our residential assisted living home is 16, Two Hearts has a lower resident-to-caregiver ratio. This means that resident needs can be met almost immediately when needed. The environment of Two Hearts Homes for Seniors is intimate and cozy, giving those who live there a feeling that they are not lost or forgotten in a large group of their peers. There are also options for quieter moments in the spacious private resident rooms.

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