Old age usually comes with cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. In such situations, families do all they can to provide care and love. However, that may not be enough.

What happens if your loved one is left alone and forgets to put off an appliance or lose their way from the market? Obviously, the conditions put their lives in constant danger hence require professional help.

The thought of moving a loved one into memory care assisted living is difficult.

Nonetheless, it is a move the family must take. Before then, it is vital to understand the signs for when it is time to move into memory care assisted living. This article expounds.

What Is a Memory Care Facility?

A memory care facility such as Two Hearts Homes for Seniors provides 24-hour care to seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The residents receive special care from trained staff who understand the condition better and offer the best help in managing day-to-day activities.

When Is It Time to Move to a Memory Care Assisted Living Facility?

When seniors start being forgetful, confusion and disorientation set in, and their personality changes to the extreme, family members must be concerned.

As much as it is disheartening, the family should be on the lookout to identify some of the red signs and take appropriate action. Moving your loved one to a memory care assisted living community can elevate their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are some signs that signify it’s time to seek assisted living services.

Behavior Change

People with dementia may start acting differently and change how they are used to doing things. For instance, they may be unable to use the restroom properly, refuse to drive, neglect their hygiene or withdraw from social life. They may become easily agitated or anxious over minor issues.

A Decline in Overall Health

A change in overall health should be treated as a red sign. It’s possible your loved one forgets to eat or does not take healthy foods. Check if the fridge or cabinets have food items. If not, they might have withdrawn and are scared of asking for help.

The decline in health may also be a result of medication mismanagement. For instance, the elderly might not be taking medicine on time or overdosing. Mismanagement of drugs may then take a toll on their health.

Wandering Around

If your loved one starts wandering around and forget their way back, it’s time you focus on memory care assisted living facilities in your area. It’s possible your loved one has become disoriented and confused, which jeopardizes their safety.

Overwhelmed Caregiver

Taking care of a dementia patient can take a toll on a caregiver. They may feel exhausted and too tired to take care of the patient as they should. Memory care assisted living communities to offer senior living solutions and take care of the residents with utmost care and love.

Looking for the Best Memory Care Assisted Living Facility in Indiana?

Assisted living Indiana hosts several facilities, and finding the best can be a doubting task.

Fortunately, Two Hearts Homes of Senior provides the best community-based services to people who need memory care.

Two Hearts Homes For Seniors provide the best memory care services for our residents with love and compassion. We are a big family that takes the well-being of our residents seriously. We are also ready to bring home to your loved one. So, call us today and book a live tour.