The term “residential care facility” refers to a place where elderly or disabled individuals live and receive assistance with daily tasks. It can also be called an assisted living facility or community, a residential home, a personal care home, etc. These residential care facilities provide 24-Hour round-the-clock care, meals, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, medical care, and social activities. In most residential assisted living community, the residents maintain as much autonomy as possible.

Nursing homes are similar to residential homes in that elderly adults live in them, except they offer specialized medical care. They also tend to be larger. Nursing home residents usually require much more assistance and are not able to complete many daily tasks on their own.

There is no official connection between the two types of facilities, but it is important to note their distinctions for when you or a loved one needs help with day-to-day living.

It is essential to know what each type of facility offers and how they differ with that in mind.

What is the Difference Between a Nursing Home and an Assisted Living Home?

There are some critical differences between a nursing home and an assisted living home. These include:


A nursing home can vary greatly in size and can range anywhere from less than 50 beds to thousands of beds. It is generally a larger building with significantly more personnel than a typical residential care home. Most nursing homes also have a big kitchen and dining room, making food preparation and meal eating more uniform and cafeteria-like.

An assisted living home is typically much smaller in size and has more of a familial or community feel. Our residents have their own rooms but get together in common areas for meals and social and senior recreational activities. We have under 20 residents, so we can give your loved one the care and attention they deserve.

The Family Approach

At Two Hearts Home For Seniors, you’re loved one is indeed family. We see and work with them every day, and we treat your loved ones as if they are part of our extended family. We enjoy games and recreational activities with your loved one, we cook for them, and we pay close attention to your loved one’s moods and feelings. We know if something’s off and if it’s just regular variations in moods or a more serious problem. This family approach enables us to provide the highest assisted living care levels and is what sets us apart from more typical residential care homes.


Nursing homes usually have extensive staff members. They will have at least one physician on duty at all hours. In addition, they will usually employ nurses, aides, therapists, dietitians, case managers, pharmacists, administrators, security, and other support staff.

Assisted living communities are more informal, with a better staff-to-patient ratio. They employ caregivers who can offer more personal care services. Although there is not always medical staff on duty, assisted living services usually include access to on-call physicians and nurses at any time for emergencies. The residents still have 24/7 supervision.

What Kind Of Support Will Residents Receive?

When you live at a nursing home, you get ongoing supervision and assistance from nurses, social workers, physical therapists, dietitians, and others. Some facilities specialize provide physical and mental support for Alzheimer’s care and dementia treatment. Still, others offer supportive services to everyone regardless of their diagnosis.

Most assisted living facilities will offer simpler personal care services that aim to help with the tasks of daily living. This includes meal preparation, dressing, personal hygiene, medication management, transportation, and other non-medical assistance. There are fewer residents, so that the caregivers can give each senior more personalized assistance, depending on their specific needs.

An assisted living community hires staff members who’ve been specially trained to help seniors manage any symptoms and cope with daily life. Although they are usually not on-site, a doctor is available for checkups, and the nursing staff is on call 24/7.

Two Hearts Home for Seniors

Two Hearts Home for Seniors is an assisted living home that aims to be as close to independent living as possible. Our mission is to help all our seniors live with dignity and receive the assistance they need on a daily basis. Call us today at 219-600-2200 or visit Two Hearts Home for Seniors for more insights. We’d be happy to schedule a tour of our home.