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In Northwest Indiana, there is a premier in-home senior care provider, Senior Helpers. This care provides seniors with an optimum, home-care service tailored to their condition and needs. It provides companion-type assistance to seniors requiring assistance with daily living.

In addition, this type of community provides more specialized care required for those suffering from chronic diseases such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and more. Two Hearts Senior Home Care in Lowell, Indiana is one of these senior care homes that also provides these care services.

nurse and senior woman during home visit
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nurse and senior woman during home visit

Customizing a Plan for Home Care

Two Hearts works to set up a plan of home care customized to senior needs. The team of caregivers is trained to have experience providing appropriate care. Caregivers also monitor medication, assist with daily activities, and provide moral support. Striving to make the home environment a positive one. Planning activities and events your loved one can still do and enjoy is a primary focus.

How Do I Find Caregivers Near Me in Crown Point, IN?

One way to find caregivers in Crown Point, IN is to go online to There are 10 caregivers in the Crown Point area currently listed on this site. You can sort through these caregivers and filter them according to distance or zip code. The radius of this search may be enlarged if you want to find even more options for a loved one.

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Caregiver Options

Once you have discovered the options, you can read about their experience, comparing each caregiver according to expertise. You will want to verify caregiving services each provides, the hourly rate, and their senior care experience. In addition, don’t forget to run a check on their background to verify they have no crimes against seniors.

Home Care Services in Merrillville, IN.

Merrillville, Indiana offers home care services for Alzheimer’s and other memory-related diseases. This is a premier 24-hour home care provider in Crown Point, IN. Your family is a candidate for this type of home care. Particularly if your elderly loved one needs intensive care due to disability or illness. What is this home care service called? It is Home Instead Caregiver Service which will be discussed further in the next section.

What is Home Instead Caregiver Service?

This is an independently owned and operated home care in the Crown Point zip code. It is a home care service that provides senior care services including personal care and light housekeeping in Crown Point, Indiana.

Home Instead is excellent home care that provides 24-hours of premier home care. Whether your elderly loved one needs intense, hands-on care, or more of a companionship caregiver Home Instead will serve it. It doesn’t matter what care is needed, from mild care to recovering from a stroke or heart attack.

What Type of Care Does Home Care Provide?

In Crown Point, there are caregiver services for seniors to provide assistance with daily activities, companionship, and safety supervision tasks. Caregivers assist seniors in maneuvering around their homes safely.

Providing Companion Care

They also give the emotional and social support many seniors lack as they age, particularly if widowed and living alone. A caregiver also aids with various levels of personal care–dressing, bathing, and sometimes feeding. Assistance with shopping and meal preparation, as well as light housekeeping duties are also on the agenda. Home care providers also assist with setting reminders for medication and even drive them to doctor appointments or running errands.

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Home Care in Crown Point

It’s a fact, as we age we become dependent on others, however much we try to resist. For this reason, there are caregivers in Northwest Indiana who are compassionate about this fact. These Crown Point caregivers have the skilled expertise required to give your aging family member the home care required.

Two Hearts Offers a Home Care Type of Service

Two Hearts Home for Seniors understands how difficult it is to find adult daycare services. An adult day care curriculum provides the elderly with a caring environment, afternoon meal, and the opportunity to socialize.

Types of Services on the Menu

Two Hearts offers much more during adult daycare sessions. These sessions also have alternative healthcare and limited medical services available such as:

Art or musical therapy
Counseling and/or support groups
Skilled nursing care
Therapies for occupational, speech, and physical needs
Dental care
Foot care
Vision and hearing care

Besides all of the above, there is no need to worry about transportation to and from the facility. Many centers coordinate with bus and/or van services to pick up and return participants to their respective homes.

Caretakers Have Extensive Training & Experience

Becoming completely dependent is one of the things everyone fears as they age. In Northwest Indiana, there is a home care provider, Home Helpers Home Care that understands this fact. All Crown Point caretakers have been trained to provide home care that allows seniors to maintain their independence and comfort.

Helpers providers are a companionship type of care serving families throughout the Crown Point area with wonderful service.

Moving Into An Assisted Living

Trustworthy Home Care

Senior home care services in Crown Point have earned several years of expertise in the industry of home care. Caregivers are trained to offer seniors personal care in a professional manner. To ensure this, each caregiver is bonded before being placed in a position.

Senior care is more than healthcare. It also involves companion care services, meal preparation, socialization, and simple housekeeping duties. Home care workers are also trained to assist with non-medical, hygiene, physical assistance, and mobility. All this is in addition to offering respite care and supportive aid for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes conditions.

What Kind of Training Does a Caregiver Have?

Every caregiver in Crown Point is trained with the non-medical assistance you would expect from a dedicated and compassionate friend. As an added perk, they also have training in first aid and CPR.

Senior helpers go through hours of training so they are familiar with the medical aspect to ensure they provide clients with quality care.

Give Us a Call Today

If you have a senior relative in need of specialized care, give Two Hearts Home for Seniors a call. Your search for quality, local services, and respite care can end with one call to Two Hearts. Families are provided with everything in one location.

When a family is in search of an address with helpers who can provide their loved one with a company this wonderful, they call Two Hearts. This is a community that provides not only health providers but also companionship and safety.

Contact Two Hearts Home for Seniors today. Our community of helpers looks forward to serving you and your aging family member. Clients throughout the Crown Point area have come here for the health and safety of their family members. Senior helpers make it their job to provide the necessary resources to make the life of their clients more enjoyable.

Contact Two Hearts Home for Seniors today. One of the representatives will schedule a free tour at an address near you. The health of your aging family member depends on it.


Where is Crown Point, Indiana?

Located in the county seat of Lake County, Indiana is the city of Crown Point. The 2010 census recorded the population to be 27,317. On October 31, 1834, the first settlers were Solon Robinson and his family arriving in what would later become Crown Point. The city that is known as the “Hub of Lake County” was incorporated in 1868.

Merrillville is north of it, the east is Winfield, St. John is on the west, and Cedar Lake the southwest. To the northwest of Crown Point is the unincorporated area of Schererville. The unincorporated parts of Lake County are the southeastern and southern areas of the border of Crown Point.

What is Alzheimer’s & Dementia?

Both of these chronic diseases affect a person’s (typically, senior person’s) cognitive abilities. Alzheimer’s is a disease of the brain that is both degenerative and progressive and is a popular form of dementia. However, many do not know this, but, memory loss is not a clear-cut illness. It is the actual phrase that describes many symptoms definitive to memory loss and impairments of cognition. If your loved one is experiencing any form of cognitive deterioration they might have early-onset Alzheimer’s or dementia. Particularly, if this diminished cognition interrupts their normal, daily activities.

Dementia Care in Crown Point

If you have a loved one who has been suffering from the effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s in Crown Point, help is near. Two Hearts Senior Home Care provides help with these disorders. For this reason, in-home caregivers are trained to provide the supportive assistance you and your aging senior need. Senior Helpers are professional caregivers. Trained to know what your loved one needs to make their life more enriching, as well as your life easier.

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