Making Your Home Safe for seniors Crown Point Indiana

Items in elderly group homes once thought to be harmless, can become a serious safety issue for our loved ones. You want to ensure your elderly parents get quality home care in Crown Point. You will also want to ensure their quality of life doesn’t suffer. In order to do this, you need to assure your home is a safe place for providing a home care service for seniors. Living with senior loved ones is similar to living with a baby or toddler. Just as you had to childproof your home for the new arrival of a baby, you have to “elder-proof” your home for a senior.

When a person in Schererville or Crown Point reaches a certain age, you need to prepare and senior-proof your home. In addition, you might want to consider the option of the care providers for the elderly, the senior personal care services available in the Crown Point zip code.

Home care and Respite Care in Schererville, Northwest Indiana

What two types of home care are available in the Schererville and Northwest Indiana zip code? Respite care is one form of health care allowing another caregiver to come into the elder’s home for a few hours to give quality assistance while the primary caregiver is away.

In Lake County Indiana, the care of an aging loved one can be daunting. Particularly if that family member has Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. For this reason, home care in Crown Point is available. This type of home care understands families sometimes need professional services and support from an elderly family member. It is imperative for the caregiver to take a break for their own well-being and personal care. One should not deny a little “me time” due to their family obligations toward aging parents. This is when assisted living in Crown Point, Indiana is most helpful. We offer a comprehensive, quality brand of home care that your can trust.

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nurse and senior woman during home visit

Is This Type of Care Safe for My Loved One?

This kind of home care for seniors is completely safe for your aging loved one. It offers professional, non-medical, supportive services that are safe. All while maintaining the elderly person’s dignity and quality of life in a familiar environment. These services offer clients and families needing homecare a personal form of home care.

Most respite care services are an agency that is independently owned and operated. Staff is professionally trained in Schererville to perform round-the-clock home care to clients. These services can involve anything from companionship care to medication management. Two Hearts Home for Seniors is an agency in the Schererville zip code range. Two Hearts also provides this type of service for their clients.

Two Hearts Senior Home Care Provides a Home-Like Environment

Two Hearts Homes For Seniors home care providers in Crown Point are independently owned and operated. Striving to offer clients the type of care in Crown Point that has all the amenities of a person’s home. Clients receive services for a better life, such as companionship and health care. Knowing this about the home care in Crown Point will instill a feeling of peace. When your loved one is safely living in a Crown Point senior community, you trust the assistance they are receiving. Isn’t it wonderful your loved one will be able to remain living independently in this senior home and receive all the services they need?

When it becomes inevitable a senior is no longer safe at home, there is assistance in the senior care facilities of Northwest Indiana and Lake County. This help comes in the form of both medical and non-medical assistance. It is a service for home caregivers in Crown Point. Each caregiver is professionally schooled to offer assistance in daily living, companion care, and even medication management.

Seniors living in respite nursing homes that service the Crown Point/Schererville zip codes have all the comforts of home. You can begin your search for a great health and home care community when you call Two Hearts Senior Care. This senior care in Crown Point offers compassionate home care services near Crown Point.

How to Senior-Proof the Home

Once a safe haven, can quickly become a danger zone for a senior citizen. It can be difficult as we age, especially when cognitive diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s are involved. The ease of getting in and out of the shower now seems impossible to some seniors. To ensure your elder parent continues to live an independent lifestyle, here are ways to senior-proof the home.

Get Rid of Trip and Fall Hazards

For a person over sixty-five, a trip and fall accident is often the cause of injury and sometimes death! If an older person falls and no one is around they can lie there a long time. Often, not near a telephone to dial for help or call an emergency service number. This is why it is so imperative to remove or secure items that might create a slip and fall incident.

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Securing Throw Rugs

Although adding ambiance to a home, they can be dangerous to a senior with limited visibility. In Lake County, Indiana caregivers are reviewing the homes of their senior parents to ensure these items are secured. For the cost of a tube of caulking, caregivers can ensure an elderly relative’s throw rugs are slip-proof. You can make a slippery throw rug secure to the tile or linoleum by following these simple steps:

Flip the rug over with its bottom side up
Put a tube of caulking (preferably the clear latex variety) into the gun
Next, run a small bead of caulk along the back of the rug–stay within the one-inch binding
Allow this to dry overnight
Put the rug back in place on the tile/linoleum floor. The dried caulking will prevent the rug from sliding around.

Clear Away the Clutter

Caregivers in Lake County need to do whatever it takes to avert slip and fall accidents. Another way to do this is by ensuring there is a clear pathway to maneuver around the home. This means removing items that might be lying around haphazardly on the floor. Remove old newspapers, furniture, books, extension cords, wires, and remote control devices. Buying a remote caddy that hangs over the arm of a chair is a great gift idea for a home-bound senior.

Our lives can become cluttered through the years, as we age we don’t want to toss things from our past. Caregivers can make decluttering fun and at the same time exercise the senior’s cognitive abilities. Purchase some totes aka “treasure chests” and photo albums first. As you go through the senior’s belongings play a game asking him/her what memories each item invokes. If the senior is able to write, have them write down the memory attached to the item and place it inside the “treasure chest”. Do the same thing with smaller items and pictures. Use the photo album to create a scrapbook of memories. Once filled, leave them in an accessible area, out of harm’s way, for the senior to go through at leisure.

Make Sure There is Sufficient Lighting

One of the effects of aging is a decline in vision, therefore, sufficient lighting is mandatory. The reason for this drop in vision is a condition called age-related macular degeneration, a common affliction to seniors. For this reason, ensuring adequate lighting is in place is an important aspect of making your home safe for seniors. Part of making sure the lights work is to change out any old or burnt-out light bulbs. Trying to walk in the dark is difficult enough even if your vision is 20/20. After all, the nights in Northwest Indiana get pretty dark and you wouldn’t want your senior to fall.

Access to all Emergency Phone Numbers

Every senior should have access to emergency phone numbers. There are emergency alert pull cords installed in the residential areas of the Crown Point community. In addition, many cell phone companies offer their support by making emergency service a free feature to a basic phone line. When using this type of phone, there is a simple menu option the senior chooses which aids in navigating the internet.

Another feature of these senior cell phones is a five-star urgent response system. This urgent response allows family members and home Crown Point caregivers to access the emergency service in the area.

Check Us Out

Your mission is to take into account all of the hazards in a family house. After you address all safety issues, take a comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s condition. Would your aging family member be better off living in a home facility care in Crown Point?

These centers in Schererville provide medical office visits, companionship, and twenty-four hours of home care to assist seniors. Providing a senior in Crown Point with these home care senior services will give families peace of mind that their loved one is safe and cared for.

October kicks off the holiday season. Give the gift of love to an elder relative with a visit to an office serving the betterment of their health. Why not begin and end your search for the best home care community in Crown Point? Contact Two Hearts today. We have been serving the Northwest Indiana communities at this address safely for many years.

Home care services serving Crown Point and Schererville are a great way to ensure the well-being of someone you love. This is when Two Hearts Senior Care is needed most. We are a local agency that takes caregiving to heart–it’s in our name. Contact our business office by calling our phone number, or visit us online to schedule a tour of our senior village. We will be happy to go over and discuss all aspects of our assisted living Crown Point Indiana facilities with you.

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