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In the Crown Point area, there are 11 Memory Care Facilities. Eight of those are nearby and three are located in Crown Point. The national median cost of long-term care per month is $5,000. Care in Crown Point is slightly higher at $7,136 monthly. A popular facility that treats memory care is Two Hearts Home for Seniors.

What is Memory Care?

When you hear the term “memory care” do you know what it means? It is a specialized form of care designed to assist people who have certain forms of dementia or Alzheimer’s. A memory care facility in the Crown Point area is designed as a community, offering these people a secured living environment near Crown Point.

The staff are caring and empathetic and trained to perform services that monitor each resident’s health. There are also activities, events, and programs set up to aid residents with their cognitive and memory abilities. The activities at each center also allow them to relish their hobbies and passions. In addition, the staff is trained to ensure care at a quality level for seniors is the center of our curriculum. Our team of senior living memory care professionals offers services that enrich their health and memory care in Crown Point.

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When It Is Time to Seek Help?

One of the scariest things in life is to lose is our memory. It is all we have left as we age, people pass away and we cherish the memories of our family. There are several things that can cause memory loss, Alzheimer’s is only one. Therefore, if it appears to be getting worse it’s time to seek help and get a proper diagnosis.

If any of this sounds familiar, and you live in Lake County or Merrillville, call a center offering cognitive care in the Crown Point area. Lake County residents or others can reach a center on a phone system that can auto-dial. Just leave your phone number and someone will call you back to schedule a tour. For this reason, if suffering memory issues, let your doctor know so a proper diagnosis can be made.

How Do You Know Your Aging Parents Need Help?

When is it time to offer more services to your parents that are aging? If there is a change in their mood that is hard to handle, experience difficulties completing activities of daily living, having more accidents, or just poor hygiene. These are some warning signs your aging parent’s safety and health might be at risk.

Aging and Loss of Memory

If loss of memory is causing a life concern, and you live in Lake County there is help. Contact a long-term care nursing center on the phone to schedule a tour. We have a local location that can give your family member a room with supporting nursing staff to offer the therapy he or she needs. Each phone number you call is using a system that will auto-dial your number back if we miss your call.

Dementia and Memory Impairment

Dementia is an umbrella term describing a variety of symptoms regarding memory impairment such as judgment, language, and reasoning. Dementia also affects a person’s skill for thinking. It starts out slowly, getting worse as time progresses, eventually impairing their ability to react with others and work.

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What are Some Recognizable Signs of Dementia

Here are some of the most recognizable symptoms associated with dementia:

If the person keeps repeating the same questions
Common words are easily forgotten when conversing
Words get easily mixed up–such as “table” instead of “bed”
Following a recipe or other tasks that are familiar takes longer to complete
Items get put in the wrong places–such as putting the remote in the refrigerator
Gets lost when driving or walking through a known area
Fluctuation in behavior or mood for no reason

Memory Care in Crown Point

If your senior loved one is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, it could be time for assisted living. An excellent assisted living retirement community in Indiana is in Crown Point. Crown Point Christian Village will assist your loved one in living better and aging gracefully. We have a campus that has 70 acres of serene, scenic beauty. Ensuring to provide your loved one with a safe Christian home-like community. Here at Crown Point your loved ones will make friends and remain close to their family members.

Quality Memory Care Facilities in Crown Point

You will find a full range of quality memory care treatments and services at Saint Anthony’s in Crown Point, Indiana. Saint Anthony’s is a quality assisted living facility that offers skilled nursing, memory care, rehabilitation services, and Pastoral Care. There are also private suites available as well as a Holy Family Child Care service.

All of the services offered here are complemented by activities that are life-enriching, promoted by social interactions. Offering the opportunity for experience, learning, affirmation of life’s joys, and growth.

The Care Team here at Saint Anthony’s is trained for the special care seniors require. We work alongside your doctor, to form the physical therapy that is personalized and made to aid your recovery quicker. Saint Anthony’s in Crown Point, Indiana wants to ensure their patients’ quality of life is restored. This Crown Point assisted living facility works hard to show empathy and respect to each of our residents.

Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s or AD has various symptoms between people. One of the first is memory issues and impaired cognitive abilities. Decreases in non-memory parts of a person’s cognition like vision/spatial problems, impairment in judgment and reasoning are also signs.

Sometimes a person might be diagnosed as having a mild cognitive impairment. This often increases as the disease advances, causing the person to experience greater cognitive problems.

There are several phases to the progression of Alzheimer’s. It is preclinical or mild, often referred to as early-onset; moderate, and the later stages or severe.

Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Facilities in Crown Point

If a person is exhibiting the above signs or symptoms, it might be time to seek healthcare a memory care campus.
The Crown Point area has 25 memory care facilities that provide senior citizens care for Alzheimer’s and all stages of dementia. These are the best dementia and assisted living facilities in Crown Point also offering care for Alzheimer’s patients. Each facility has a varied cost according to the services provided.

Crown Point Christian Village

If your aging parent needs dementia or memory care, then Crown Point Christian Village can provide it. With the capacity for housing 203 aging adults at once maximum. This long-term care campus is located within the Lake county zip code.

Adults suffering from dementia will receive help with daily living chores at the Crown Point Christian Village. There are also amenities, like help with meal planning, and dining, individualized meal plans, as well as toileting 24/7. There is a complete team of healthcare professionals who will treat your aging parents like family.

Memory Care Short Term Rehabilitation

When a person has a health condition or surgery requiring short-term rehabilitation we understand the urgency to return home. Helping patients return home is the goal of our short-term rehabilitation efforts.

The medical services and intensive physical short-term rehabilitation team work hard to aid the health of each resident. Working hard to devise customized plans for speech therapy and other Occupational and Physical treatment plans. Some of the services we provide for short-term rehabilitation:

Wound Care
Feeding Tubes
IV Infusion therapy
Medication Management

Adults in assisted living are offered a home-like, comfortable place to enjoy a fully complete lifestyle. All while receiving the care and assistance needed. Residents of a Crown Point assisted living home for memory care relish in the comfort, and independent accommodations provided. Along with the specialized care, our staff provides 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day.

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nurse and senior woman during home visit
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What are the Types of Independent Living Care Levels

If you check out all aspects of independent living communities, you will discover there are several levels of care provided. Each care involves a different care level as well as cost.

When deciding which level of care your aging adult requires doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Knowing each care level helps you ask the right questions. Therefore, making it easier to decide what level of care is best for the needs of your aging parent.

Each level of care is unique to a specific community for those who need living assistance. There are three categories that give the perspective about what to expect. As well as providing a tailored framework for questions to ask about the community.
The industry of senior living options is a broad one. It must provide older adults with the options and care to meet each person’s preferences and challenges. It is fortunate for the seniors of today that they have such a wide range of solutions to meet their needs. However, all these choices may create some confusion.
Each specific care level requires a different level of care. Along with the various levels of care is a different cost; in addition to what specialized hands-on care is required.

What is the Importance of Levels of Care?

States guidelines regulate the operation of senior care living facilities. Although not as seriously governed as skilled nursing institutions–formerly referred to as nursing homes. A senior living option that offers assistance with daily living provides a community for seniors with an environment less clinical. Residents can enjoy the peace of mind of assistance that is professional without that sterile hospital feeling.

The administration of this type of senior living is able to know what staff they must hire when utilizing levels of care. If a home has residents needing meal assistance, management needs to hire staff to accommodate this care level. Residents are separated into distinct categories of care levels. These categories permit management to know where they need staff the most to meet these needs.

When a senior community separates residents into different care levels, it allows them longer periods of aging in place. These care levels give them the proper care to remain living within the community in their own apartment. No longer does chronic pain or difficult medical conditions dictate the length of time a resident states at a facility. In the past should something complex arise in their condition they were shipped off to a nursing home or Alzheimer’s care facility. Levels of care allow residents to remain living a safe, happy life in their senior apartment for a longer time.

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Assisted Living

Senior Living Apartments in Crown Point

If you live near Crown Point, IN 46307 zip code, we have an excellent senior living option available. It is at Crown Point Christian Village. These are senior living apartments offering assistance with daily living and long-term dementia care. There is also a memory care unit and short-term rehabilitation care available.

What are the Levels of Care?

The majority of states do not govern what levels of care the industry of senior care living provides. This means each community must outline their levels of care, and how they are able to meet those care levels. It is generally a common occurrence to discover communities that have two to four levels of assisted care. This includes dementia care, Alzheimer’s care, assisted, rehabilitation, and residential living.

Care on Lower Levels

Residents requiring less help need a lesser level of care. This type of resident is able to sit or stand on their own. They are able to walk freely, or with the use of a walker or wheelchair. If residents suffer no lost memories, they are capable of making it known what their preferences are.
Some might require help with daily living such as dressing, showering/bathing, or daily care and hygiene. Some residents might need help managing toileting or need products for incontinence. The nursing staff aids with medication management, taking blood sugar levels, and performing other routine tests the resident needs.


Care at Higher Levels

Residents that need more hands-on from caregivers are on the higher spectrum of care. These patients are in need of assistance wheeling or walking from place to place. They need comprehensive assistance bathing, dressing, as well as with toileting and/or incontinence issues. Residents in need of higher levels of care may show symptoms of lost memories. This requires physical or verbal cueing to help them manage their day and make more effective decisions. Lastly, a resident needing higher care levels might need complex monitoring of medical conditions or aid with chronic pain management. There might even be an increased chance of safety or falls.

What is the Cost of Memory Care

The average cost of memory care is around 20-30% exceeding that of other senior living options of any other locale. The average cost per month for senior care living in the United States is $4,300 monthly. You can anticipate that memory care is going to cost about $5,375 monthly.

Memory care units operate at a level of higher care when seniors are living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Memory care units were specifically designed for Alzheimer’s care and other memory care disorders. In Summer 2021, Cedarhurst of Dyer will provide memory care at 1763 Calumet Ave., Dyer, IN 46311.

The Signs for When It’s Time to Move Your Loved One Into Memory Care Assisted Living

Long Term Care in Merrillville, Indiana

If you are looking for dementia care or other long-term healthcare services for your family member call us. There are many memory care facilities here in Indiana with housing and therapy amenities all in one location. There are 29 Alzheimer’s care centers dedicated to the research here in Indiana. Each is a research center designated nationally to study Alzheimer’s.

Some cities nearby Crown Point that offer therapy and health services for memory include Merrillville, Crystal Lake, Chicago, and Naperville. These cities’ average costs for Alzheimer’s care therapy average are $3,250 a month. Other cities have costs that average $5,212 for residential senior apartments. The costs for a room in a facility will be slightly less than an apartment.

Contact Us

If you live in or near Crown Point and searching for a local Alzheimer’s care or memory care in Crown Point, Indiana look no further. Two Hearts Home for Seniors is a Crown Point senior home in Lake County. We offer residents everything they are looking for in regards to seniors and dementia care. We are a center that offers activities of daily living as well as living memory care services and amenities t including speech therapy. Call our phone number, or you can authorize us to contact your phone by using a system that can auto-dial.

Two Hearts Home for Seniors is one of two places to find help with memory care. You can also find this type of care in Crown Point, Indiana at the Crown Point Christian Village. It is located at 6685 E 117th Ave., Crown Point, IN 46307. The team at both locations can take you on a virtual tour. Allowing you to see for yourself what each room looks like and if the facility is right for your aging family member.

When you phone one of these Lake County facilities, leave your name, phone number, and the best average time for a return phone call.

You are also welcome to visit Two Hearts Home for Seniors at 18220 Clark St.Lowell, IN. We look forward to serving you and your family.

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