What Are The Best Group Home Near Me

Group of seniors under the care of the best group home near Indiana

If you are living in Indiana, US, and searching for ‘best group homes near me,’ you have landed on the right page without a second thought. According to a survey by AARP Public Policy Institute, the majority of the older adult population want to age in place. They want to continue living in their own house or communities. But health problems, physical disability, and other care needs make it impractical and unsafe for any adult.

We at Two Hearts are the only group home or residential senior housing care in the state of Indiana, and we take pride in being one of the best in the sector. But before we talk more about our services, let us understand the different services available to help you select the right one for you or your adult family members. 

What Are The Different Levels Of Group Homes?

Though each of the facilities provides care for older adults, their services and living environment vary. While adult fellows requiring frequent nursing services, or with a physical disability may opt for a nursing care community, most others consider other caregiving communities that offer an independent living experience.

Based on the requirements of personalized care, there are different senior housing care or adult caregiving options available for you or your adult family members. Some widely popular senior living options are assisted living, nursing caregiving communities, foster care, senior group homes, personal care homes, private residential care homes for the elderly and independent living.

Let us discuss different caregiving options in detail before you join or decide on any caregiving community.

Independent Living:

Independent living care facilities are for senior individuals who need minimal support and supervision. They generally can walk on their own, have no memory loss, and can make their preferences known. These adult individuals may need some help while getting ready, showering, preparing meals, laundry, or other activities, and more.

Group Homes:

Often known as residential care homes, board and care homes, or adult foster care, group homes are senior housing facilities located in residential housing neighborhoods. These homes accommodate a small number of members who need support in their daily living activities (ADLs).

While large assisted living senior homes communities may have a crowded environment, senior group homes near me Indiana offer a calm and peaceful environment. When you are looking for a care home, make sure the caregiving home is a state-licensed care home. Two Hearts is a state-licensed senior housing care home with a dedicated staff on board.

  • Assisted Living:

    It is a care option for aging adult individuals who require more support and supervision from on-site caregivers. Adult individuals may need help in walking, cooking meals, medication management, bathing and grooming, laundry, and more of their daily activities in an adult group homes near Indiana. These group home assisted living communities are often large facilities with a higher number of caregivers.

  • Memory Care:

    Many residential care homes near Indiana feature memory care as a higher level of care. However, there are specific memory care communities that specialize in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. The staff members are trained to assist the aging adult individuals. Two Hearts provide in-house memory care support to adult members who have Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  • Nursing Care:

    Nursing care homes and communities are a good suit for people who need frequent or regular nursing services. These caregiving communities are equipped with nursing facilities. You can join a nursing care home if you need frequent infusion, injections, or have any physical disability, or are recovering from serious illnesses and injuries.

Though residential care homes or senior group homes do not provide nursing care, Two Hearts do have practicing physicians visiting in a periodical manner.

What Is A Group Home?

When we talk about senior group homes, we picture a residential caregiving home that hosts not more than 20, or an average of 10 aging individuals. It allows them to live among their peers. They are more like board and care homes with smaller capacities. 

These caregiving homes are often a single-family home that has been converted into a senior housing caregiving community on purpose. Many families prefer these kind of adult family homes near me, for their dedicated on-site staff. 

Two Hearts Homes host a maximum of 16 individuals and maintain a skilled on-site staff. Our caregiver-to-resident ratio of 1:5 is even better than many board and care homes out there. The individuals in these care homes receive 24-hour care and attention than those of the larger communities.

What Is The Purpose Of A Group Home?

The very basic purpose of senior group homes is to provide quality personalized care to aging seniors in a home-like environment. It includes assistance in dressing, bathing and grooming, medication reminders, cooking meals, physical exercise, walking or wheeling, and other services. These care homes tend to offer an independent living experience rather than making the elderly group homes completely dependent on the care providers or caregivers. 

We at Two Hearts Homes for Seniors are highly focused to provide a home-like environment. The members enjoy privacy, safety, and peace of mind in a calm neighborhood. The suburban housing neighborhood allows you to make friends and enjoy some outdoor time walking or roaming. 

Medication reminders and assistance
Assisted living assistance to a senior

Who Qualifies To Live In A Group Home?

It is an important question as not everyone would like to live in a group home. It also depends on what level of care you require. Not all requirements can be fulfilled in a home-like setting, especially medical requirements.

Though these care homes provide a very good ambiance and maintain sufficient care providers to assist you in activities of daily living (ADLs), you need to know your requirements before you select a care home. We believe the following factors will help you understand if you are suitable for a group home or not.

Frequency of Medical Care

When you are looking for a care option, the first thing to consider is the frequency of medical service you need. Though residential care homes have practicing physicians visiting from time to time, that might not be sufficient if you need regular nursing service. If you require regular injections, infusion, or other nursing support, looking for suitable nursing care homes or communities would be a better option. 

Two Hearts offer all the amenities to make your life easy. We also have different payment options like monthly, quarterly subscriptions so that you are not committing to our service for a very long time directly at the beginning. You get the option to live with us and then decide if this is what you would like to call home. Call us today to book a visit, or to know more about our services and amenities. 

Home maintenance

Maintaining a house is a tough job at any age. It becomes even more troublesome for aging individuals. When you are unable to keep up with household chores and maintenance, shifting to a group home for seniors can be a wise thought. At Two Hearts, all the household chores are taken care of by the caregivers and home staff. 

Starting from laundry to maintaining the outdoor space of the house, our staff makes sure that everything is maintained regularly. You can be more relaxed and relieved from all the work and focus on your personal interests. You get enough free time to focus on your hobbies and other activities. 

Two Hearts Care staff provides the best assisted living services

Value of independence

The majority of aging people value independence and thrive in smaller groups. The crowded senior communities may not be an ideal choice for them to spend days and years. But this is not true at Two Hearts. 

Two Hearts is a small community of up to 16 adults. We value your privacy and independence at most. We allow you to retain your independence to a great extent. We believe it makes you feel more at home. The small size provides more independence for your day-to-day activities.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is an important factor in the lives of senior adults. While large assisted living facilities can be sometimes chaotic, Two Hearts has the privilege of being a small community. Our location adds more to it as the surrounding of your home makes a great impact on your peace of mind. Two Hearts Home for Seniors is located at 18220 Clark St, Lowell, IN 463356. Lowell Assisted Living group home for seniors provides you with a friendly community neighborhood.

If you prefer living in the calm and peaceful environment of community housing neighborhoods and a homelike setting, Two Hearts is the perfect place to spend your older days. We are located in a community housing neighborhood which is the primary reason why most families prefer Two Hearts over other caregiving or assisted living facilities in Indiana.


Safety is one major concern for all of us. Many families find group care homes more secure and safe senior living as caregivers are on-site 24 hours round the clock. The small size ensures better-personalized care for each resident.

It also ensures the safety of, health, and well-being of your loved one. We at Two Hearts are dedicated to the safety and well-being of you or your loved one in the family at any time around the clock. Whether you’re seeking respite care for the elderly group homes or a long-term solution, we are committed to ensuring their safety and well-being at all times.

A safe and secure living environment for seniors
Safe and secure medical support to the seniors

Benefits And Advantages Of A Group Home

Group homes for elderly come with exclusive benefits and advantages thanks to the small size and care model like board and care homes. The benefits offered by these care units give you a safe and secure living experience. Some of the highlighting benefits and advantages of Two Hearts are:


  • Independence and Autonomy:

    Group homes or residential care homes offer an independent living experience to a great extent while you receive the care you need. The relatively fewer activity programs scheduled by care homes provide you the freedom to pursue your interests. We at Two Hearts give you plenty of personal time to pursue your interests.

  • Location:

    Location is one of the other benefits on the list. A group home for seniors is typically a converted single-family home. Hence they are often located in residential housing neighborhoods. Many prefer a location like this as they have always lived in suburban or rural areas. Two Hearts offer a very similar surrounding. We have plenty of outdoor space and our members enjoy being able to go for a walk around the neighborhood.

  • Safety:

    Safety is one of the most important benefits for aging adults. Most families are concerned about the safety of their loved one. Often, you’ll find many “residential care homes for elderly near me” in Indiana including Two Hearts thar offer personal emergency alert devices to their residents. It provides an additional security feature and makes the lives of adult residents safer.

  • Personal Attention:

    The small size of these senior group homes leaves more than sufficient room for one-on-one interaction and attention. Though staff members are fewer concerning a large community, Two Hearts offer a high caregiver-to-resident ratio that allows the caregivers to dedicate more time to your loved one. Enhanced personalized care and attention leave no room for risks associated with health and wellness.

  • Family Involvement:

    It is always a relief to know that your family members are doing all fine. The families of residents typically have better direct access with the residential care home’s director or manager. It is because the care homes host very small communities of aging residents. A direct relationship with the upper management ensures peace of mind for the resident’s family members. Also, we allow your family members to visit during meal hours.

A happy senior under the assistance of Two Hearts
Recreational activities of seniors in a nursing home facility
Senior visitation on the best group home near Lowell Indiana

Group Home Services and Amenities

Residential care homes are a good fit for those who don’t require regular medical care but need support with their day-to-day activities. The exact services and amenities offered by care homes may vary from place to place.

We at Two Hearts offer private rooms and quality personalized care. The adult residents enjoy the personal care and attention of the caregivers 24 hours a day. We ensure a relaxed living experience for our residents by taking care of all their daily needs. Some basic senior care services in the list are:

    • Support with the activities of daily living such as grooming, bathing, and dressing.
    • Personalized meals with dietary limitations, typically cooked in-house.
    • Housekeeping and laundry
    • Maintaining the house
    • Companion care and supervision
    • Medication management
    • Physical activities like yoga, and exercising
    • Other group activities for entertainment and socializing
    • Group outings
    • Allows families to visit during meal hours
    • 24/7 assistance
    • 24/7 in house staff

What to Ask While Visiting

Having a visit to the group care home is advised before you join any caregiving facility. If a visit in person isn’t possible, a live virtual tour can be an option to understand how living there would feel like. We allow you for either of the options to ensure that you are at the right place.

While touring the care homes, take note of some important things and the questions to ask assisted living. This is to know if all your needs are fulfilled before you join. Some basic things to note are:

  • Ownership:

    It is crucial to know about the owners and their backgrounds before you join or decide on a group home. Whether they live on-site or how they are involved in the operation are some basic things to enquire about during your visit to the group care home. At Two Hearts, our owners are experienced in the sector of assisted living group home for seniors and you can observe the impact of their experience in the operation and functioning of our care home.

  • Staff:

    It is important to know the qualification and experience of the staff in the group care home before you join the community. Do they seem to enjoy their jobs? Do they have the qualifications required to take care of you or any of your family members? Are the staff members engaged with the group home for elderly a long time? Two Hearts takes pride in having a quality staff that takes the best care of our residents.

  • Cleanliness and hygiene:

    Cleanliness and hygiene are a priority. Take note if the structure appears clean. Do the existing residents appear well-groomed and clean? Are the living area and accommodation rooms well maintained? Two hearts put special focus on cleanliness and hygiene as we want our residents to stay in proper health conditions. Our staff takes care of the cleanliness of the structures and our caregivers keep our residents clean and well-groomed.

  • Bathrooms:

    Investigate if there are ample bathrooms for the capacity in the home. And also examine if they are well maintained or not. The small size of our residents’ group allows us to keep everything well maintained and cleaned. We have adequate bathrooms for the residents and all are cleaned and maintained regularly.

  • Privacy and Room Accommodations:

    In large senior housing care homes, privacy may be a missing feature. During your tour before you join the caregiving community, you should examine whether the rooms are semi-private and private homes for elderly care . With a maximum of 16 residents, the privacy of the residents is a priority at Two Hearts Homes. We offer the best privacy level to our residents as privacy is why they have chosen us over assisted living facilities.

  • Staff Interaction:

    How does the staff treat residents? Do they behave with respect and courtesy? Make sure you are finalizing a residential home where the staff members appear to enjoy their careers.

  • Resident Interaction:

    The residents of a senior community need to cooperate for a quality social life. An environment similar to adult family homes near me is always appreciated. Take note if the residents get along and enjoy one another’s company. The small community size allows our residents to create a bond of friendship that creates a home-like environment at Two Hearts.

  • Surroundings:

    Does the structure offer ample outdoor space for recreation? Is there good lighting and clean furnishings? Does the surrounding make it a place where you would be comfortable living? Two Hearts offers you surroundings that you would never like to miss.

  • Safety:

    One main reason to live in a group home or residential care home is safety and security. So, it is one of the main elements to investigate in the tour. Does the home have a medical emergency alert system? Are the stairs easy and free of obstacles? Is there proper lighting and a security system to prevent unwanted visitors?

A senior man under the care of the best group home in Lowell, Indiana
The seniors in the residential assisted living facility of Two Hearts
Senior visitation on the best group home near Crown Point Indiana

Is Two Hearts Homes For Seniors A Group Home?

Two Hearts Homes for Seniors is a licensed residential care home or group home in Indiana. Located at 18220 Clark Street, Lowell, IN 46356, we are known for high-quality senior care. While other large facilities with hundreds of members treat and serve you like a number from their big list, we are highly dedicated to treating each of our members like family. We put quality above quantity, and hence we host only a maximum of 16 members at one time.

Though our small care home hosts fewer care providers, we make sure that each of the members of the Two Hearts Community gets the highest level of care. We achieve this with a high residents-to-caregivers ratio of 5:1 during the day and 8:1 during the night. Our care providers are available round the clock to ensure safety and wellbeing for you. Call us today to join our care home or if you have any other queries regarding our service.

Why Select Two Hearts?

Throughout the years, elderly people have loved living at Two Hearts. Located at 18220 Clark Street, Lowell, IN 46356, we provide high-quality care with additional memory care. You no longer have to move to big cities like New York for senior group homes in new york city. Most especially that assisted living Crown Point is getting more accessible.  We are the perfect place to call home with all the amenities you need: the best in-house care, assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), medication management, laundry, yoga, memory care, and much more on the list.

Our floor plans offer private rooms, and we maintain a maximum of 16 members at a time. The small size allows us to offer flexibility in interests, meal preferences, and fun activities for seniors in assisted living. We believe we are fully equipped with the right team in place to provide care and attention to you or your loved ones from the family. Feel free to contact or call us today for more details.

What Are The Group Care Homes In Indiana?

The state of Indiana is home to a variety of senior housing facilities. It includes assisted living, senior group homes, independent living, nursing care homes, and more. You can select the suitable care option for you as per your requirements. 

Let us discuss some of the options to help you find the right option for you or your family members.

Two Hearts Homes for Seniors

Located at 18220 Clark Street, Lowell, IN 46356, Two Hearts Homes for Seniors is the only group care home in Indiana. We provide high-quality care for assisted living in Crown Point and Lowell, with additional memory care for the local adults in Indiana. You do not have to move to places like New York particularly New York city senior group homes for quality senior homes anymore.

The floor plans at Two Hearts Homes offer private rooms for the residents. We maintain a maximum of 16 residents with a resident to caregiver ratio of 5:1. The small size allows us to offer flexibility in activities, interests, and meal preferences for our residents.

When it comes to helping your family members, we believe in being fully equipped with the right team in place to provide the care and attention your loved one deserves. Feel free to contact or call us today for more details.

Some of The Amenities Offered By Two Hearts Homes are: 

  • Private Bedrooms
  • Retirement care service
  • Emergency pendants
  • 24-hour CPR certified staff
  • ADA compliant housing
  • Security system
  • Camera monitoring in main areas
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Bathing and toileting assistance
  • Laundry providers
  • Allow families during meal hours
  • All meals provided with options
  • Medication reminder service
  • Social events
  • Television and internet access
  • Barber and Hairdresser
  • Recreational activities

Lowell Healthcare

Located at 710 Michigan Ave., Lowell, IN 46356, the health care company provides care in a small town-like environment for the local adults in Indiana. Lowell Health care accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and other private insurance. You may contact them at (866) 946-6888 to know more about their services.

What Are The Senior Group Homes Near Indianapolis, IN?

Indianapolis is home to more than 30 caregiving home for seniors near me so that you do not have to move to other states like Illinois, New York or so. We have listed a few to help you in selecting the right care home for you.


    • Rosegate Assisted Living and Garden Homes: It is located at 7525 Rosegate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. It provides assisted living, independent living, and retirement care for the local people in Indiana. You can reach them at (866) 882-3746.


    • Traditions at Solana: Traditions at Solana is situated at 7721 Battery Pointe Way, Indianapolis, IN 46240. It offers assisted living and memory care to local seniors in Indiana. You can connect with them at (866) 946-6888.


    • American Village: Situated at 2026 E. 54th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220, American Village offers assisted living group homes and Alzheimer’s care for local adults in Indiana. You can call them at 866) 975-4278 for any query regarding their services.


    • The Wellington at Southport: The Wellington at Southport is located at 7212 US-31, Indianapolis, IN 46227. It offers Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Alzheimer’s Care. You can connect with them at (866) 981-1799 for any query regarding their services.


  • Bloom at German Church: Located at 2250 Harvest Moon Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46229, Bloom at German Church offers assisted living services to the local seniors in Indiana. You can connect with them at (866) 984-3845 for any query regarding their services.

What Are The Senior Care Homes In Schererville In 46375?

Schererville IN offers a variety of senior housing care options. We have taken our time to list some of the facilities to help you in your search for care units.

  • Residences at Deer Creek: Residences at Deer Creek are located at 401 U.S. 30, Schererville, IN 46375. It is a Licensed Residential Care Community. The floor plans at Deer Creek offer private apartments with services such as daily assistance, memory support, or rehabilitative therapy.   Residences at Deer Creek also include Certified Dementia Practitioners on staff, an emergency response system, and other essential services. Contact them at (866) 882-3746 for any query.
  • Clarendale of Schererville: The caregiving community offers three different lifestyle choices that include independent living facilities, assisted living, and memory care facilities. You get to select suitable accommodation based on personal requirements and preferences. The 24-hour daycare community is located at 7770 Burr St., Schererville, IN 46375. You can call them at (866) 946-6888

What Are The Senior Care Homes In Crown Point, In 46307?

Crown Point is home to various senior care homes. Some of the known senior living Crown Point facilities are:

  • Bickford of Crown Point: Located at 140 E. 107th Ave, Crown Point, IN 46307, Bickford of Crown Point is a care home community in Northwest Indiana that also provides memory care service for the local adults in Indiana. It provides medical services for various health conditions alongside other amenities. You have a variety of housing options, aging in place Crown Point.  You can select from single room units, semi-private housing apartments, or studio apartments. Give them a call at (866) 882-3746 for any query.
  • Wittenberg Village: Wittenberg Village is located at 1200 Luther Dr., Crown Point, IN 46307, Indiana. Wittenberg Village offers independent retirement care, nursing care, assisted living, and independent living facilities for senior adults. Wittenberg Village provides a variety of housing options. You can call Wittenberg Village care center at (866) 956-0235 for any query.
  • Majestic Care of St Anthony: Ying, skilled nursing, rehabilitation services, memory care, pastoral care, and much more. The Majestic Care of St Anthony is located at 203 W Franciscan Dr, Crown Point, IN 46307. You can call the care center at (866) 946-6888 for any question or query. You will find a varied range of services and treatments including assisted living group home.
  • Colonial Nursing Home: Located at 119 N INDIANA AVE, Crown Point, IN 46307, Colonial Nursing Home provides nursing care to the elderly group homes. Call them at (866) 981-1799 for your query and questions.
  • Amada Senior Care Of Northwest Indiana: It is located at 1504 N Main St Ste C, Crown Point, IN 46307. The facility provides Home Care to seniors in Crown Point, IN. You can call the care center at (866) 984-3845.

What Are The Care Homes In Merrillville In 46410?

Merrillville, IN hosts a variety of caregiving facilities. Each of them offers something different. We have listed a few caregiving facilities to help you choose the right facility in Merrillville, IN.

  • Virginia Place: Virginia Place is a retirement community at 8253 Virginia Street, Merrillville, IN 46410.  It provides all services and amenities for assisted living in Merrillville, IN. They offer entertaining activities like Walking Club, iPad Explore, Bunco, and Comedy Club. Going out for a meal with friends or shopping is not a difficult thought with I-65 close by. The facility offers several housing options based on your preferences. You can call Virginia Place care center at (866) 882-3746.
  • Towne Centre: The group home assisted living community provides memory care to the elderly with Alzheimer’s. Towne Centre Living offers several studios, one- and two-bedroom apartment homes for the adult residents. Call them at (866) 956-0235, or visit the Towne Centre at 7250 Arthur Blvd, Merrillville, IN 46410.
  • Journey Senior Living at Merrillville: It is a memory care community located at 7900 Rhode Island Street, Merrillville, IN 46410. They offer 24-hour nursing care staff on-site alongside all other assisted living services and amenities. You can call them at (866) 946-6888 to book a tour or any other query.
  • Spring Mill Health Campus: Spring Mill Health Campus is situated at 101 West 87th Avenue, Merrillville, IN 46410. The health campus offers memory care, skilled nursing, assisted living, and short-term rehabilitation. You may choose from studio, one group home bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments for accommodation. Call the care center at (866) 984-3845 for any questions regarding their facility.

Other Assisted Living Facilities in Indiana

Are you in search of group home assisted living outside of Lake County? Let us help you with a tiny list to help your search.

  • Cedarhurst of Dyer: Located at 1763 Calumet Ave, Dyer, IN 46311, Cedarhurst of Dyer, the facility also offers memory care Calumet township alongside other assisted living amenities. You may connect with them at (866) 882-3746 for any questions regarding them.
  • Brentwood at Hobart: Located at 1420 Saint Mary’s Circle, Hobart, IN 46342, Brentwood at Hobart offers assisted living facilities alongside memory care. You may connect with them at (866) 882-3746 for any query.

What Is The Difference Between A Group Home And A Nursing Home?

Nursing care homes or communities provide the highest level of care. They focus on skilled nursing and medical services. A nursing care home provides nursing care for patients with both chronic and acute conditions. Adults who need regular care from physicians or nurses or have any physical disability can join a nursing home.

On the other hand, residential care homes or group homes offer more personal care. Adults who do not require regular medical service, but need support in completing daily activities for nursing homes like bathing, grooming, cooking meals, and medication management can join are better suited for residential care options. Two Hearts also have practicing physicians visiting from time to time to ensure the quality health of the members.

Group Home vs Assisted Living : What is The Difference Between Assisted Living And A Group Home?

Assisted living and senior group homes offer a similar level of care. However, the significant difference is in the size of the assisted living community. Group homes are small communities. These homes often host no more than 20 residents. On the other hand, assisted living can be as huge as hundreds of people in the same facility. They are generally apartment-style big structures. 

Though assisted living care units have a bigger staff, the residents-to-caregiver ratio is often low. Whereas, Two Hearts have a maximum resident capacity of 16, with a residents-to-caregivers ratio of 5:1. For shyer adults, group homes are a comfortable option. Also, residential homes are located near community housing neighborhoods that help them live a normal life and even make friends in the locality.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Senior Living Facility?

The average monthly expense of assisted living in Indiana is similar to that of the neighboring states. The state average living cost for group homes in Indiana is about $4,400. It is a little higher than the national average which is about $4,000. 

However, the state average cost is less than the majority of the long-term care options. The exception, in this case, is independent living. It is an expensive option for relatively healthy seniors. 

What Is The Average Cost Of A Nursing Home In Indiana?

The average state monthly cost for nursing care homes in Indiana is $7,133 for semi-private and $8,486 for private facilities. It is more expensive than many other options. There are a variety of ways to pay your nursing home costs.  You may also try the senior living cost calculator of Two Hearts Home for Seniors for more detailed information about the senior care cost.  Additionally, you can take advantage of some government programs as well to make the costs affordable for you.

Are Group Homes Cheaper Than Nursing Homes?

Group homes are generally more affordable than nursing home care. Group homes charge month-to-month that includes room, board, and basic services. Care and personal services may vary depending on the facility. 

The base rate for a group home costs $2,500-$6,000 that varies from region to region across the United States. On the other hand, the average state monthly cost for nursing care homes in Indiana is $7,133 for semi-private and $8,486 for private facilities.

Financial Assistance for Residential Care Homes or Senior Group Homes near Indiana

When you are planning for a care home, it is essential to plan associated financial expenses. There are a variety of programs and options for financial assistance for group care homes, nursing homes, and other options. We are discussing some basics on the topic below.

  • Medicaid: Standard Medicaid does not cover residential care homes. However, it may vary depending on the state you are residing in. Read your state’s Medicaid guidelines to be sure of the expenses covered by Medicaid. Some states have special waiver programs to help financially weaker senior adults.
  • Life Insurance: The group homes for elderly benefits help many people to cover their long-term care costs. Some seniors consider accessing their life insurance benefits early for it to cover senior living and nursing home expenses. You should consider the long-term impacts of accessing your benefits early in such cases.
  • Reverse Mortgages: Reverse mortgages are loans taken by homeowners against the value of the house. Many use this method to pay for group care homes. The borrowers will need to repay the loans within a specified time frame.
  • Aid and Attendance: Under such Veterans benefit programs, eligible Veterans and their spouses get a monthly payment. It can be used for paying long-term care expenses. These benefits are paid in addition to one’s monthly VA pension. Many eligible individuals use the Aid and Attendance benefits to pay for residential care homes.
  •  Long-Term Care Insurance: Seniors who have an existing policy can avail the benefits of a long-term care policy. It covers their long-term care expenses. Long term care policy is a type of insurance, and the details of each policy may vary with providers.

What is Indiana’s Aged & Disabled Medicaid Waiver Program?

In Indiana, there is a waiver program called “Indiana’s Aged & Disabled Medicaid Waiver.” for local seniors. It allows you to pay for state-recognized group homes in Indiana for adults. The eligibility requirements of the Indiana Aged & Disabled Medicaid Waiver program are:

  • You need to be a local resident of Indiana
  • You should be blind, aged, or disabled
  • You should agree to live in approved care residences
  • You should qualify for institutional care
  • Your monthly income should not exceed $2,250. Or your countable assets should be below $2,000 as a single applicants


We took our time to help you further by answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do Adult Care Homes Provide Night Care?

Most group adult care homes do not offer night care. But we at Two Hearts understand the need for 24/7 care. Hence, we have caregiver homes Indiana who will be ready to serve even at night. We maintain 1 caregiver per 5 seniors during the daytime and 1 caregiver per 8 seniors during the night hours. Our staff is available round the clock for any assistance and help required at any time of the day. 

What Is A Group Care Home?

A group care home is typically a single-family residential home converted into a care facility. These care homes host a small group of seniors and often offer better care services than large communities. 

What Does A Group Home Consist Of?

A group home consists of all the services you will find in an assisted living facility. It generally consists of care providers, laundry services, meal providers, community activities, and other care services.

Does Medicare Pay For Group Homes?

Medicare does not cover expenses related to residential care homes or group homes. Medicare only covers the costs of your nursing homes under certain circumstances.

A group creates a friendly atmosphere within the residence. The residents build a bond of friendship and everyone gets companions to have a chit-chat or explore their hobbies and interests. If you are looking for an assisted living  group home near Indiana, USA, Click on “Request A Tour” or give us a call. Our residential care home, one of the best assisted living facilities, offers a home-like living experience with the best care services. It is a home-away-from-home.

Get in touch with Two Hearts (219) 245-7556 for any queries. We would be happy to answer your questions regarding assisted senior living homes.

Healthy food support for our seniors
Gardening activities in the best group home near Indiana
Healthy foods for healthy living of our seniors during their mealtime

unique amenities with a multidisciplinary staff and unparalleled care