As you age, it can become increasingly challenging to care for yourself, especially if you have physical or mental limitations and require help with routine tasks. In this situation, a long-term care home for the elderly may be the best option.

Whether researching care options for family members or thinking forward for yourself, this article will cover a few things you should consider before making this difficult decision.

What is an Adult Care Living Community?

Otherwise known as an assisted living community, an adult care living community is a type of senior housing that provides personal assistance with daily living activities. This includes preparing meals, cleaning the house, going to the toilet at night, and getting to and from appointments. If you require more assistance than in-home care, independent living, or continuing care retirement communities can provide but don’t need the constant healthcare services and monitoring that a nursing home facility offers, then assisted living may be the best option for you. However, adult care facilities are not authorized to provide the level of skilled nursing care or medical services that are available in hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric institutions, or other healthcare facilities; thus, residents must not require such care regularly.

What Services Do Northwest Indiana Assisted Living Communities Provide?

Most people who live in assisted living in Indiana have their own private or semi-private apartments with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, which may or may not be furnished. Studios, private one-bedrooms, shared units, and even dorm-style living apartments are all on the table regarding assisted living options. In most cases, residents will have access to communal areas. Dining and recreation rooms, a movie theater, a library, a pool, footpaths, or other natural settings may all be part of a community’s shared amenities. The services and amenities provided by assisted and independent living can range from the bare minimum (daily meals and activities) to the luxurious (spa services and on-site bars, for example). Some of the most common assisted living services are as follows:

Provide Help With Routine Tasks

In addition to assisting with personal care services like bathing, dressing, eating, and going to the toilet, caregivers and other staff can also escort residents to communal spaces like dining halls and activity rooms.

Dining Services and Three Nutritious Meals a Day

Advantages of senior living facilities include providing residents with three daily meals and snacks. Dietitians and chefs at assisted living typically work together to create nutritious meals that promote physical and mental well-being for residents. These meals are often served in a dining area designed like a restaurant, though residents’ may also get delivery service to their apartments.

Lifelong Learning Activities

Engaging in mentally stimulating activities may slow or prevent dementia and other forms of long-term cognitive loss. A great perk of assisted living is the availability of educational opportunities for residents of all ages.

Communal and Private Areas Equipped With Emergency Call Systems

In the event of an emergency, such as a fall or injury, residents at senior care facilities can press an emergency button to call for help. Because of this, older adults don’t need to worry about being unable to reach anyone or waiting for medical care after an emergency.

Physical Fitness Programs

Lack of activity can negatively affect health in many ways, including physical and mental deterioration. Seniors’ muscular and bone health can benefit from regular exercise, and it can also lessen the probability of them falling. Physical fitness is a terrific way for older adults to stay socially connected, keep their minds sharp, and extend their lifespan.

Routine Maintenance and Housekeeping

In assisted living and garden homes, the elderly can find comfortable and secure living quarters that feel like home. Assisted living provides a higher standard of life than retirement communities or traditional homes but without the clinical feel that is sometimes associated with retirement homes.

Social and Recreational Activities

Being cooped up at home increases the risk of feeling lonely and disconnected from the outside world. This can harm the mental and emotional health of seniors. Group activities like exercises, singing, and one-on-one attention from staff through a senior companion program help residents at residential care facilities overcome their isolation.

Transportation Services

When residents no longer feel comfortable behind the wheel or don’t want the inconvenience of car ownership, assisted living provides safe and convenient scheduled transportation to nearby services such as grocery stores, restaurants, nearby cities, and health care providers.

What Opportunities Do Adult Assisted Living Facilities Bring to Those Who Wish to Move in?

Since moving to senior living can affect many facets of an older person’s life, it’s important to consider some of the most significant advantages:

Engaging Relationships With Others

Isolation is a typical problem among the elderly. For seniors, being alone can trigger a cascade of issues, including depression, poor health, limited mobility, and more. When a person moves into an assisted living care facility, they join a local community their age that supports them. Activities like arts and crafts and social hours are offered to residents to encourage interaction.

Healthier Diets and Improved Dining Experiences

Great food and nutrition are essential for the elderly, but so is a warm and pleasant dining environment. Residents in senior living facilities often receive three daily balanced meals. Furthermore, elegant dining areas inspire gatherings of friends for dinner, turning every meal into an enjoyable social occasion.

More Time Spent Exercising

By maintaining an active lifestyle, seniors can benefit from better blood sugar control, improved circulation, and a healthier heart. Assisted living in Northwest Indiana provides its patients with a wide variety of outdoor and indoor activities, such as gardening, yoga, chair fitness sessions, and more.

More Free Time

To put it simply, assisted living in Crown Point and Lowell, Northwest Indiana, is quite convenient. Everything, including laundry services and cleaning, is taken care of for the residents, so they don’t have to lift a finger. Residents of a senior care facility have more time to pursue personal interests such as completing a long-overdue reading list, organizing an overseas vacation, trying out a brand-new hobby, or devoting greater energy to an existing passion. Relocating to a care facility allows you to explore your interests more.

Why is Two Hearts Home for Seniors the Right Choice for You?

At Two Hearts Home for Seniors, we aim to create a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere for older people. Our ranch-style home was built for warmth, mobility, and privacy, allowing for living independently within the facility while providing assistance and social engagement as needed. Our adult day healthcare living facility’s residents need at least some mental and physical stimulation daily. That’s why we ensure the seniors in our care have access to a wide variety of activities, including art, music, meditation, puzzles, dancing, Wii games, and more. Because of this, we are well regarded as one of the top assisted living facilities in the area.

Visit Two Hearts Home for Seniors Today!

There is a lot to think about while deciding where to retire. Two Hearts Home for Seniors could be the perfect place for you to spend your golden years. Visit our assisted living facility located in Northwest Indiana in Lowell and Crown Point. Give us a call at (219) 600-2200 to arrange a tour.