Pet Friendly Assisted Living

Over the years, the concept of senior living that is pet friendly has undergone significant changes. With the focus now being on ensuring the best possible quality of life for our beloved seniors. Senior living communities are increasingly becoming pet-friendly. And,  Two Hearts Homes for Seniors as an established assisted living home in Indiana is mindful of the significant effects that pets have on the lives of our residents.

Let’s explore the various aspects of pet-friendly senior living and how we make it possible for our residents.

Why Senior Living Communities are Going Pet-Friendly?

Why Senior Living Communities Are Going Pet-Friendly

In recent years, senior living communities have become more pet-friendly for practical and heartwarming reasons.

Indeed, at Two Hearts Homes for Seniors, we believe that every senior should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a supportive and caring community.

  • Source of Joy for Seniors

Aside from the unconditional love they bring, animals are a great addition to any home. There are numerous studies using dogs, cats, birds, etc., as therapy pets for seniors who may need emotional support. Particularly, these animals bring joy and support to humans.

  • Enhance the mental well-being of seniors

Most studies reveals that there are both mental and physical benefits to having a therapy animal to support the elderly. Such benefits, as far as improvements in mental health, include relief from social isolation and boredom and improvements in behavior in the elderly with dementia (Cherniack, P. & Cherniack, A., 2014).

  • Improve seniors physical well-being.

Therapy animals increase physical activity and decrease blood pressure in the elderly. (Cherniack, P. & Cherniack, A., 2014).

Pet inside the assisted living

On the other hand, service animals are usually dogs and provide physical and mental support to those with disabilities. Larger dogs such as German Shepherds, Labradors, or Golden Retrievers serve as support to adults because of their physical strength, ability to train, and gentle nature.

  • Positive Impact on Mental and Physical Health

Research has shown that interactions with pets can lower stress levels. It can also reduce feelings of loneliness and even improve heart health. Thus, our pet-friendly communities, the assisted living in Lowell and the newly assisted living in Crown Point, are designed to foster these positive effects.

  • Improved Quality of Life for Residents

Pets are known for their ability to bring joy, comfort, and companionship. And at Two Hearts Homes for Seniors, we understand that having a furry friend by your side can make all the difference in the world. Our pet-friendly policies can help enhance the quality of life for our residents, ensuring they have a constant source of love and support.

What are therapy dogs?

Therapy dogs are not your ordinary canine companions. They are specially trained to provide comfort and emotional support to people in various settings.

How Therapy Dogs Differ from Service Dogs?

It’s essential to differentiate between therapy dogs and service dogs. While service dogs are taught to carry out specific activities for people with disabilities, therapy dogs are here to offer love, solace, and a listening ear. They provide emotional support without any special tasks, making them ideal for our seniors.

Benefits of Service Dogs for Seniors

  • Emotional Support

Reducing Loneliness:

Loneliness can be a silent but profound problem among seniors. Service dogs offer unwavering companionship, reducing feelings of isolation.

Easing Depression and Anxiety:

The unconditional love of a service dog can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, providing emotional stability.

Improve seniors physical well-being

  • Physical Assistance

Mobility Support:

Seniors with limited mobility often find it challenging to perform daily tasks. Service dogs can assist by fetching items, opening doors, and even helping with balance.

Fall Prevention:

The trained service dogs alert seniors to potential hazards, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

What does Two Hearts Homes for Seniors offer?

When it comes to providing seniors with the care, companionship, and support they need, there’s a furry friend that’s increasingly making a difference. Our service dog is named Louie. At Two Hearts Homes for Seniors in Lowell and Crown Point, Indiana, we understand the unique challenges that seniors face as they age.

Louie: The Service Dog

Louie - The Service Dog

Two Hearts Homes for Seniors has chosen to take this information to heart and adopt a service dog for our home. Louie is an English Golden Retriever dog. He has been spending his time being trained at a qualified, certified service animal school. And Louie serves as our support dog for the residents at Two Hearts Homes for Seniors. We chose to send Louie for service dog training because we want our residents to be safe, happy, and in the best hands (paws).

There is extra training for service dogs (as opposed to a therapy pet) in order to ensure their readiness to be around more vulnerable people. Like therapy pets, studies show that having a service dog yields both physical and mental benefits to the elderly (Alt, K. 2017).

Choose Two Hearts Homes for Seniors

Service dogs for seniors are not just companions. They are life-changers. At Two Hearts Homes for Seniors in Lowell and Crown Point, Indiana, we recognize the great impact these loyal companions can have on the lives of our residents.

Hence, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly assisted living community that understands the power of the bond between seniors and their pets, contact us today. Discover how we can make your golden years even brighter with the love and support of a furry friend by your side. Contact Two Hearts Homes for Seniors now to learn more about our pet-friendly senior living options.

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