Our Home on Feather Rock Drive, Crown Point, Indiana

Our senior years can present new challenges, just like all other stages of life. But the challenging aspects of aging shouldn’t overwhelm the beautiful parts of getting older. At Two Hearts Homes for Seniors on Feather Rock Drive in Crown Point, Indiana, we aim to help older adults enjoy their golden years and live life to the fullest while getting the care and attention they need.

Two Hearts Homes for Seniors is a special environment of senior living and care that is carefully designed to help residents with activities of daily living while still providing privacy and comfort. Our residents live in their own rooms, but share communal space and have the opportunity to participate in group activities. We offer personalized senior care and make each resident feel at home whether they’re searching for continued independence, increased assistance, or memory care support.

The best senior years are now within reach for residents at Two Hearts Homes for Seniors.

What Can Residents Expect if They Wish to Move Into This New Home?

Two Hearts Homes for Seniors is a top-ranked residential assisted living service provider. We truly understand the importance of having a loved one receive the best senior care possible so they can lead full, independent lives even though they are no longer in their own home.

In our new facility in Crown Point, Indiana, Two Hearts Homes for Seniors provides world-class assisted living, unmatched caregiving, and skilled nursing faculty.

Our Two Hearts Homes for Seniors services include:


Highest caregiver-to-resident ratios in the industry (1 caregiver for every 6 residents during the day)


Personalized attention and care (only 16 residents live in home at a time)


24-hour care and supervision


Doctors and nurses on call 24 hours a day


On-site doctor visits


Medication reminders


Cooking and healthy meals adjusted for special diets


Personal grooming assistance


Beauty salon


Housekeeping and laundry services


Daily recreational activities


Therapy dog


And much more!

Senior Living Options in Living the Best Life

Independent Living

With an environment that encourages engagement, well-being, and novel experiences, Two Hearts Homes for Seniors also enables aging individuals to preserve their independence and spirit of adventure. Residents can spend time alone in their own rooms or socialize in the communal areas. Other living options for aging adults – like senior apartments, large facilities, and nursing homes – don’t offer the same balance of independent living and high level of care that we offer at Two Hearts. Our facility feels like a home and our community feels like a family. We get to know each resident on a deep level and truly care for them.

At Two Hearts, we want you to be able to have the independence and dignity you deserve. Residents can still be free and independent while receiving help from experienced staff and a loving community.

Without having to worry about doing chores or maintaining a house, our residents’ lifestyles become even more easygoing and active. They can concentrate on building friendships and memories in their new home.

Assisted Living

Whenever needed, the assistance older adults require can be found at Two Hearts Homes for Seniors. We offer personalized assistance with cooking, eating, taking medications, bathing, dressing, and grooming. We also provide guided exercise sessions and social activities to keep the mind and body active. With our assisted living service, seniors can get the care they need and have access to excellent caretakers. Our staff members have the skills necessary to give senior care in a way that respects privacy and fosters dignity.

At Two Hearts Homes for Seniors, we routinely evaluate our care plans to ensure that we are always providing a high level of senior care at each stage of aging. The staff at our assisted living facilities are there to assist with everything – cooking and serving meals, managing a complicated prescription routine, selecting a wardrobe for the day, providing transportation to doctor’s appointments, encouraging involvement in social events, or simply being a companion and friend.

Memory Care

At Two Hearts senior living, our innovative health and well-being concepts are tailored to each of our residents’ needs and incorporated into all facets of their care. People with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia receive specific support with ou service. We have an experienced team that works closely with residents in our senior living community to keep an eye on their health and well-being and to give them a sense of purpose.

To help memory care residents interact constructively with their surroundings and perform at their greatest level while having fun, we offer specialized programs, engaging events, and fun activities on the same campus. We also have one-on-one programs that are fully customized for each resident based on their needs, personal experiences, and lifestyle. After we review and learn more about the residents, we can develop a tailored strategy that respects their legacy, interests, and preferences.

Finally, we have a professional management team of caring, highly qualified experts that offer support to residents with food preparation, medication administration, bathing, dressing, and grooming. They also assist residents in maintaining their present abilities while fostering a sense of family every day.

A Place to Call Home in Crown Point Indiana

If you, a family member, or a loved one needs a new living situation in Indiana and have been considering senior living communities, come visit Two Hearts Homes for Seniors in Crown Point. Through our golden heart senior care programs, top-notch caregiving services, amenities, social schedule, and home-like environment, we have changed the lives of many seniors for the better over the years.

We just recently opened our doors in Crown Point, Indiana and are looking forward to offering more seniors an excellent living situation. Our goal is to help seniors get the care they need while living wonderful lives as they age.

We love to receive calls from new people curious about our home! Call us at (219) 600-2200 or reach out online for additional details on how Two Hearts Homes for Seniors can make a difference in your life.