All-Inclusive Pricing at Residential Assisted Living Homes

When researching assisted living facilities, there is always a “starter” price that is given. For example, here in Indiana the starting price for many assisted living facilities is around $3500/ month. Sounds reasonable, right? However, if you or your loved one is incontinent, add another $500/month. If you would like laundry done, add another $50/month. If you need medication reminders, that’s another $500/month but if you don’t need reminders, it’s another $100/month. An extra shower will cost you another $25 this month. Nickel. Dime. Nickel. Dime. The list of add-ons goes on. With most residential assisted living homes, there is ONE price for everyone. ONE flat, all-inclusive monthly payment. The all-inclusive pricing includes laundry, medication reminders, showers, food, etc. Residential assisted living homes can do this because they have a smaller population of residents (usually 16 or less). One set price for everyone allows caregivers to cater to everyone’s needs without family worrying about surprise fees on their monthly statement. Moral of the pep-talk: do your shopping and price out all of your options before making a decision based on an initial quoted price.

By: Janel Robilotta RN, MSN