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With well-established assisted living facilities in Crown Point and Lowell, Indiana, Two Hearts Homes for Seniors is your reliable provider and partner for the best respite care services in Indiana. We understand that every caregiver, no matter how dedicated, needs a break to recharge. Hence, recognizing the constant pressures that primary caregivers face, our respite services offer a breather, a temporary relief ensuring seniors are taken care of by trained staff. Our respite services are well designed to provide that essential pause, ensuring your parents or family member is in compassionate hands with the ideal respite house of Two Hearts Homes for Seniors. Depending on availability, we can provide respite for as little as 7 days and up to 1 month.

Crown Point Respite Care

What is Respite Care?

Respite care, in essence, is temporary care provided to seniors, giving their primary caregivers a break or temporary relief. This respite care and support operates on a short-term basis, ensuring flexibility, which is imperative for both the caregiver and the whole family. Whether it’s a few hours or a few weeks of respite care, we have Lowell Respite Care and Crown Point Respite Care Services in Indiana to ensure that seniors are in safe hands while their caregivers get some well-deserved time off.

Key Features of Our Respite Care Services in Indiana

Two Hearts Homes for Seniors respite services ensure that when you trust us with your parents or loved ones, they experience nothing but the best care and support. Further, we provide respite care services and support in Indiana, which include:


Personalized Care Plans

Understanding that every senior is unique, Two Hearts Homes for Seniors craft individualized respite care plans. This includes specialized programs to support those persons with developmental disabilities, chronic illness, and the best care for dementia patients or other specific needs for other condition.


Community Integration

Two Hearts ensures seniors not only receive respite care but also actively participate in community activities. The social life for seniors give them opportunities to engage and participate in community events, fostering relationships and maintaining active social lives.


Comprehensive Assistance

Respite care is not just about medications or meals. It’s also about moments with the Two Hearts senior living family. Our team assists with daily tasks, ensuring that every moment our seniors spend with us is comfortable and enriching.


Professional, Trained Caregivers

Two Hearts team of caregivers have first aid skills and highly equipped with medication management. They are well-trained in handling a variety of senior care needs, and work closely to ensure each resident’s well-being.


Engaging Activities

Our assisted living activities are brimming with options—arts, crafts, music sessions, nature walks, and more, ensuring mental and physical stimulation.


Comfortable Accommodations

Our Lowell respite house as well as the Crown Point respite house settings feel like a home away from home. From cozy rooms to recreational areas, seniors can relax and enjoy their stay.

Lowell respite home

Our Respite Care Promise

Every caregiver deserves a chance to recharge, and every senior deserves consistent, quality care. Our promise is twofold:

Relief for Caregivers: Providing primary caregivers a well-deserved break to attend to their own needs, other interests, or emergencies.

Uninterrupted Care for Seniors: Whether it’s for a few hours or several weeks, our team of expert staff ensures seniors experience a seamless transition of care during their stay.

Benefits of Respite Care Indiana

Entrusting your loved ones to Two Hearts Homes for Seniors is not just a decision—it’s a partnership. Choosing an assisted living community and opting for our respite services ensures:

Revitalized Well-being

Continuous caregiving can lead to burnout. Likewise, periodic breaks can significantly improve the physical and mental well-being of both caregivers and seniors.

Expert Care

Our team trains in the nuances of senior care, from understanding medical needs to decoding unspoken emotions. They blend professionalism with a personal touch.

State-of-the-Art Amenities

Both our Lowell and Crown Point facilities are modern and have the best retirement home amenities, ensuring comfort and safety.


Our trained staff and case managers ensure a holistic approach to every individual’s care.

Community Integration

Enhancing seniors’ lives through active participation in community senior social events and programs.

Unique Features

Including specialized programs for those seniors having a disability or developmental disabilities and a strong bond with Indiana’s communities and counties.

Why Choose Two Hearts Homes for Seniors?

With Two Hearts Homes for Seniors, respite care is more than a service. It’s a commitment to provide families with peace of mind. You’re ensuring that your loved one receives the best care, support, and community interaction.

For more information, to schedule a tour, or to have senior living transitions for your loved one in our exceptional respite care services in Indiana, please contact us today. Your family is our family at Two Hearts Homes for Seniors.

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