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Janel Robilotta is a Licensed Registered Nurse (since 2006) in Illinois and Indiana. Specialties include geriatrics, telemetry, cardiac intensive care, ventricular assist devices, and heart transplant clients. Janel is ACLS, BLS certified, and is also a Sigma Theta Tau Honors Society of Nursing Member. Janel is currently a professor of nursing (since 2014) at Chamberlain University. Janel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Nursing from Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois and a Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration from Lewis University. Janel has most recently earned the highest level of professional certification in the specialized industry of Residential Assisted Living. As a RALS (Residential Assisted Living Specialist), Janel is excited about directing attention to this industry. The unique area of senior care in a residential facility is designed to assist residents with activities of daily living while providing privacy and comfortability as if they were in their own home. The “Two Hearts” name created for the business comes from the two hearts that created the home; Ed & Janel. Both have a passion to care for the elderly and provide a service that is rare but much needed.


Eddy is a real estate investor. He specializes in construction and property management. Eddy has a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education from Monmouth College and a Masters Degree in Science from Northern Illinois University with an emphasis in Industrial Engineering.

As a RALS (Residential Assisted Living Specialist) Eddy has earned the highest level of professional certification in the industry and is excited about directing his attention to this industry. Eddy enjoys utilizing his time to remain active maintaining an extremely high level of physical fitness.

Louie is an English Golden Retriever. He was born June 4th, 2019. He enjoys visiting with people and roaming around hardware stores. Louie has been training to become a service dog for the seniors at Two Hearts since August 2019. Louie understands that he cannot pick up things that are dropped on the floor, he will sit with you whenever you need a pal, and he will love you unconditionally

About Us

Having a true home is one of a person’s greatest desires. It has nothing to do with age or economic status; everyone wants to live in a place that feels comfortable and filled with people who care about their well-being. The desire to be around caring people grows stronger as people get older and become unable to perform certain tasks on their own. At this point, the individual may need help with both physical and intellectual activities and the need for a more professional caregiver grows greater.

Two Hearts Home for Seniors was created to address the need for an assisted living facility located in Indiana that felt more like home. We aim to establish a peaceful and senior-friendly ambiance. Our ranch-style house was designed with intimacy, accessibility, and privacy in mind for independent living within the home while still providing help and social interaction when needed. To add to that, any elder who moves in will discover a new family member in each person on our team of caregivers at Two Hearts. They will also be living and interacting with their peers, which will no doubt lead to strong friendships. This is what makes us one of the best assisted living facilities in the region.

Two Hearts Home is a brick building that resembles a house more than a senior living community. The building includes all of the safety features that the elderly require – large hallways, handrails, bright lighting, and more without losing its lovely curb appeal.

We also employ the most devoted staff and administrators, who are genuinely concerned about your elder loved one’s well-being and have the relevant expertise in senior care. We should be your first choice when you search for an assisted living facility near me.

We provide support to those that need financial assistance and offer comparable prices that provide more value to our residents than assisted living communities. Including our cost calculator, contact us to see

In order to help you make an informed decision about the cost-effectiveness of Two Hearts Homes for Seniors, please use our cost calculator to help compare your current cost of living to what the cost of living at our home would be.

What Makes Us Unique


Personalized Care

At Two Hearts Home for Seniors, we specialize in providing a personalized approach to assisted living care. We only house 16 people at a time, which allows us to offer one-on-one service to every client under our care. This is unlike a typical nursing home for seniors, where there are many more residents than caregivers available to care for them. At our home, we take the time to get to know what you even like in your morning cup of coffee.

We pay close attention to each resident in our facility and their specific healthcare needs. This makes us one of the finest assisted living facilities in all of Indiana, with the finest senior living solutions.

We Give You Peace of Mind

At Two Hearts Home for Seniors, we realize what it’s like to be charged with taking care of an elderly person. You’re more susceptible to bouts of sadness as you continue to worry about your parents’ or loved one’s health. There’s also the matter of money and the expense of taking care of someone. This is why, as a home for seniors, the greatest gift we can give you is peace of mind.

We provide our contact details to ensure you are able to reach us anytime, giving you first-hand access to your loved one’s care. How many assisted living communities can you say you have the owner’s cell phone number?

Additionally, our emergency call systems within each room are in place to ensure our residents have the utmost safety and care provided. Knowing that your loved one is content, healthy, and secure, thanks to our assisted living services and amazing staff, will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Contact Us

Our helpful customer service staff is here to answer your questions and guide you through the registration procedure. To learn more about our assisted living community located in Indiana, call us now at 219-600-2200.

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