Due to Covid-19, all group activities have been put on hold. We continue to keep our Two Hearts residents safe while also providing mental stimulation by allowing residents to go to designated activity sections to paint, color, ride a stationary bike, play cards, work on puzzles, make blankets and work on other crafts.


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══•°• MONDAY •°•══

10 am: Exercise & Yoga
2 pm: Wii Bowling

══•°• TUESDAY •°•══

10 am: Arts & Crafts
2 pm: Popcorn & Movie

══•°• WEDNESDAY •°•══

10 am: Exercise & Yoga
2 pm: Nails or Music

══•°• THURSDAY •°•══

10 am: Bingo
12 pm: Pizza Party
2 pm: Popcorn & Movie

══•°• FRIDAY •°•══

10 am: Entertainment/Music
2 pm: Exercise & Yoga

══•°• SATURDAY •°•══

10 am: Popcorn & Movie
2 pm: Cookies & Coffee

Engaging Activities For Residents Of Two Hearts Home For Seniors*

Residents of assisted living facilities need stimulating activities to keep their minds and bodies healthy. 

At Two Hearts Home for Seniors, we provide music, art, meditation, dancing, mind-boggling puzzles, Wii games, and other mentally and physically stimulating activities for our resident seniors’ daily living.

We have a jam-packed calendar that includes different assisted living activities for the seniors every day. On Sundays, we have an open schedule to give our residents time to unwind, catch up with friends, and visit with family.

Two Hearts Home provides an assisted living community that is filled with fun activities and engaging social events to keep your elderly loved one safe and healthy. For more information on our facility and activity program, call us today at 219-600-2200.

A Few Activities Found at the Two Hearts Home for Seniors Living Community

At Two Hearts Home, we understand that our senior living residents need a few hours each day to engage their minds and bodies.

Here are some of the fun assisted living activities our professional caregivers have designed to stimulate and enrich our residents:

Art Work

Art and crafts sessions at assisted living facilities are a great way of promoting interaction between residents. It is a relaxed and fun way for the seniors to accomplish something while spending quality time with their peers.

The artwork activities available at our senior living community include drawing, painting, knitting, blanket-making, tie-dying, and more! 

Older adults who are particularly artsy will enjoy creating items and paintings they can gift to their family members and friends. They might even come up with interesting ideas for making family tree souvenirs for the younger generations.

Movie Nights

Movie night at Two Hearts assisted living community is a huge deal. Nearly every one of our residents joins in on the fun. The high attendance benefits everyone as it creates a strong sense of family.

We like to play a mix of newer movies and older movies they might remember seeing for the first time in the theaters. Movie nights offer the older adults a chance of rekindling memories from their youth. Spending time with other residents in a relaxed environment reduces their stress levels, which helps in slowing down cognitive decline.

Outdoor Games

Senior living communities are not always just a building where assisted living residents live. Two Hearts Home also has a great yard and outdoor space where our seniors can spend time gardening, going for walks, and playing games.

We incorporate games and other outdoor activities that require low energy but keep the seniors engaged. The games offer a chance to enjoy some fresh air and keep their physical health in check.

Active seniors enjoy games like cornhole toss, ring toss, noodle ball, and kickball. We try to choose activities which cater to the residents’ unique interests.

If you’re looking for a vibrant assisted living community for your loved one, Two Hearts Home for Seniors is just what you need.

Yoga Poses and Meditation

At Two Hearts, we pay attention to the overall well-being of all our seniors, including those with joint pain, osteoporosis, and limited mobility. We offer safe, low-impact meditation exercises, using yoga poses for general fitness.

Our trained instructors modify the exercise to fit each senior’s comfort level and physical ability to avoid any injuries.

The older adults incorporate yoga and meditation into their daily living to help reduce anxiety and other mental conditions too.

Reading Exercises

Senior living communities are notorious for having an abundance of reading material. The library at Two Hearts Home includes a wide variety of options, from classic literature to steamy romance novels. We offer unique reading and entertaining materials for our assisted living residents. Reading or listening to audiobooks engages their minds and can improve their memory, sleep, and cognitive function.

Our reading materials include hard copy, soft copy, and audiobooks. 

Seniors can read non-fiction books and learn new things – there’s never an end to learning. They can also join a book club for more chances of socialization and mental stimulation.

Choose Two Hearts Home for Seniors in Lowell, Indiana

At Two Hearts Home for Seniors, our residents are the top priority. We treat our older adults with the utmost senior care and work hard to provide a true home at our assisted living facility. Many assisted living facilities and nursing homes are overcrowded with uninspired staff that doesn’t have any fun ideas to keep their residents stimulated. This is not the case at Two Hearts Home for Seniors.

Our skilled and experienced caregivers provide exceptional care service and create fun-filled activity schedules to keep the residents occupied and engaged. Unlike in most nursing homes, we take a hands-on approach to cater to the unique needs of our assisted living residents. 

Looking for a serene yet active environment for the senior citizen in your life? Want a place your loved one can still enjoy independent living, but have help with some tasks? Call us today at 219-600-2200 and find out why Two Hearts is one of the best assisted living communities in the state. Let us take care of your senior loved one.

*Please note that this is a typical example of enrichment activities for our residents here at Two Hearts Home For Seniors, and should be taken as illustrative. Actual activities may differ from what is described here. Please contact us for a full list of current activities.

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