Two Hearts Homes for Seniors:
Our Photo Gallery Speaks Louder Than Words

Spending time as a family is priceless, especially for seniors.

However, we must sometimes move our elderly loved ones to an assisted living community. It’s a hard decision, but necessary, especially if their safety and well-being are at risk. Are you looking for the best residential care facility in the Lowell, Indiana area? Consider Two Hearts Home for Seniors.

Assisted living communities, such as Two Hearts Home for Seniors, provide the help seniors need in their day-to-day life, such as grooming, housekeeping, medication management, meal preparation, and more, while allowing them to live as independently as possible. Our home is owned and managed by a nurse who has a passion for caring for the elderly and skilled caretakers. Two Hearts Home For Seniors is the best residential care center that can be found in the Lake County area, particularly in Lowell and the newest home at Crown Point.

But what kind of facility is appropriate? When searching, do not just call. Word of mouth alone is not enough. We believe seeing is believing. Two Hearts is better than the nursing homes in Lowell for adults that only need some senior care, and we’ll show you why!

Consider going through our facility’s photo gallery if unable to book a live visit.

These are only a few photos showing all the love that goes into the day-to-day at our home. Visit our Facebook page and browse through our posts to get a really good idea about a day in the life of our caregivers, residents, and family members at Two Hearts.

Delicious and Nutritious Meals

Our facility has a state-of-the-art open kitchen fitted with the best appliances. We have dietitian-approved home-cooked meals which step up the dining experience by allowing us to pay attention to the taste and, most importantly, nutrition for seniors. We prepare a wide range of menus according to our resident’s preferences and dietary restrictions. Residents also have access to snacks throughout the day. This is part of our comprehensive program for long-term care.

The facility has a large dining area where our residents sit together and enjoy delicious and nutrient-packed meals. It’s perfect for a family dinner visit as well.

Note: We also serve meals in the rooms if the resident prefers.

Security Features

Two Hearts Home for Seniors holds dear the safety and security of our residents. In this regard, we have on-site staff who provide help and supervision with any issue, day or night.

We have a modern security system installed in every corner of the facility. We can make sure your loved one is safe from outside intruders. We can also monitor for any medical emergencies.

Other safety features include; wide doorways, door monitoring devices, slip-resistant floors, wheelchair ramps, visible exits, handrails, and call systems that can auto-dial in case of an emergency.

Private Rooms

When we say we bring home to our residents, we mean every word of it.

Our large assisted living rooms are clean with natural lighting and bring the best home experience. Every room has it’s own walk in closet and full private bathroom with a shower bench that pulls down with safety rails.

Note: We offer larger rooms for couples who may want to move into our assisted living facility.

On-Site Amenities

Two Hearts Home for Seniors has a salon for seniors that provides a soothing, pampering, and relaxing experience. We have a mini-library along the hallway and cozy couches where the seniors can enjoy reading a good book. We also have a courtyard for seniors who love gardening.

Our home is a pet friendly senior living. Louie, our furry friend, the service dog inside the assisted living, always offers unconditional love and companionship to seniors who enjoy good cuddling.

Our assisted living facility has a comfy lounge space with a TV screen for movie nights. Our outdoor area is large enough to hold family visits and parties.

We hold a variety of group events for our residents from book club meetings to yoga sessions and much more. We even host community events and invite friends and family to join.

Looking For the Best Assisted Living Community in Lowell, Indiana – Lake County?

Two Hearts Home for Seniors offers senior living solutions to your loved one with care and compassion. If you’re looking for the best assisted living, memory care living center or nursing home, Lowell, Indiana and Crown Point, Indiana can provide, you should reach out to us.

We believe we are the second-best family for your loved one.

Reach out to us today online or by calling 219-600-2200. We’d be happy to schedule a tour and answer any questions you may have.