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Assisted Living Activity Calendar - Indiana

From the very first day, activities and events are an integral part of an assisted living community. In fact, for many elderly people and their loved ones, moving into such a senior living community means enjoying a worry-free lifestyle that comes with not maintaining a home.

Because people have basic needs at any age, at Two Hearts Homes for Seniors, we do everything possible to keep seniors happy. As your reputed and caring institution, we have assisted living activity calendar and elderly nursing home activity calendar ideas.

With our assisted living calendars, seniors can explore, learn, have fun, and live life to the fullest. We are eager to share more on different assisted living events and activities for seniors that help lead happier and healthier lives.

Note: Due to COVID 19 we will not be having any events at our home.

What is an Activity Calendar for Seniors?

An event or activity personal calendar is created to depict a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Like any other nursing home activities calendar in a senior living community, independent living communities plan events and stimulation activities to give their residents avenues for socializing and pleasurable time.

Who doesn’t want to increase the quality of their lives and stay connected? We keep this in mind and create assisted living activity monthly calendars that help seniors remember:


What they have to do


Where they are going to be


When there will be there

If you have a loved one in an assisted living facility, we can also help you create a senior activities calendar. Our team will help come up with assisted living activity calendar ideas to help you have fun whenever you visit a loved one and stay close.

What Activities Can Senior Citizens Do?

Senior activities ideas

A daily, weekly, or monthly calendar for seniors can include many incredible activities. Most activities in our senior living activity calendars suit all lifestyles and interests, and we have the activity room and space for it! More space means more room for activities!

Assisted living activity calendar ideas in seniors programs include:


Learning new skills

They include crafting, painting, book clubs, writing workshops, education lectures, and computer classes.


To stay active we have a ballroom, line, swing, and square dancing.



We have drama groups, stand-up comedy, visiting choirs, pedigree dogs, and shows.

Exercise activities

Physical activity varies from swimming, gardening, meditation, yoga, and Zumba class to Tai chi.


Karaoke and music

We have karaoke, singing contests, children’s choir visits, and private musicians.

Play games

Video games vary from baseball, golf, and tennis to bowling and lawn bowls. Brain-boosting games include; chess and checkers, trivia, bingo, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles. Being able to play games with friends is always of interest to senior citizens.

Field trips

We offer local museums, concerts, musicals or plays, sporting events, and movies.

Outdoor excursions

We offer picnics, visits to the park, nature trail walks, community service projects, and trips to farmers’ markets.

Assisted Living Activity Calendar Ideas : Events to Include

Senior living community events are also imperative, and you can include them in your activity calendar for assisted living. Special events and possible parties seniors enjoy might include:

assisted living activity calendar ideas
  • Health classes and lectures
  • Holiday events
  • Themed lunches
  • Financial planning consultations
  • Birthday parties
  • Theater and art premiers
  • Family night
  • Happy hours

There you have it, a detailed list of interesting events, and activity ideas that our team at Two Hearts Homes for Seniors compile. We approach activities in a less structured calendar and envision more of a ‘blank calendar’ planning process. We believe this allows space for creativity and a more inclusive environment in line with the wants and needs of our community residents and their family members.

You can use the above ideas to make an assisted living activity calendar for seniors at home. There are sample assisted living calendar ideas you can rely on or use free and editable senior assisted living activity calendar template available online. You may also opt to use an assisted living activity calendar software available.  Monthly senior living activity calendars may be a little time consuming, so why not try filling in an assisted living activity calendar template week by week? You can even work in chronological order to ensure that each fun activity supports development.

If you have ideas or suggestions, you would like to share about assisted living events and senior living calendar activities, don’t hesitate to call us via 219-600-2200. Help us keep our elderly going and living happily. Get in contact and book your date to visit us today!