Merrillville Senior Living

Merrillville Senior Living

Your search for an assisted senior living facility near Merrillville, IN ends with us at Two Hearts Home for Seniors. We are one of the most sought after senior care facilities in the entire area of Northwest Indiana. Whether you are looking for medicare or a place to live after retirement, you can always consider Two Hearts for the Merrillville senior home.

The senior living Merrillville Indiana home is located in a quiet and serene area which allows you to enjoy the surroundings to its maximum. Moreover, our senior living community also have all the possible amenities required by residents within the premises. So you will never feel as if you are living in an assisted care home. Our  senior living facility ranks very high among residents searching for a quality Merrillville senior living that offers:

  • ZIndependent retirement living
  • ZLuxury assisted living
  • ZShort term respite care living
  • ZAssisted living for disabled adults
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Merrillville Senior Care Facility

Merrillville Senior Care facility

The biggest and most important highlight of our Merrillville senior care facility is the trained staff members we have hired. We have a highly experienced crew working at the senior home so you or your loved ones will be well-taken care of. This is yet another reason why our facility is the first choice of individuals looking for senior living Merrillville Indiana.

Also, the aim of the Merrillville senior care facility is to create a home or family like environment for residence. We even serve healthy and nutritional meals everyday that are freshly prepared. Likewise the Merrillville senior care facility can be a saving grace for individuals suffering from:

  • ZArthritis
  • ZDementia
  • ZAlzheimer’s
  • ZMental Health
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Merrillville Senior Home

In case you are worried that choosing our Merrillville senior home will cost you a fortune, then you do not need to think about it anymore. We offer the highest quality of senior living conditions that are at affordable rates. So, you or your loved ones will be able to spend their retirement years peacefully in our senior living community.

If you still have questions regarding Merrillville senior home, then we welcome you to give us a call. Our crew members will ensure that all your doubts are cleared and will even help you schedule a visit to our facility. Here are some of the additional features our residents receive from a Merrillville senior home:

  • ZSkilled nursing care
  • ZFoot care
  • ZHair and nail services
  • ZDiabetic management
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Merrillville Senior Home