St. John Senior Living


Look no further than Two Hearts Home for Seniors if you are in search of a well-equipped and reliable senior living facility near St. John, IN. We are a leading, reputable senior home owned by highly experienced Residential Assisted Living Specialists.

Our St. John senior living facility has been founded with the objective of providing a loving, homely daily life for the elderly people whose condition has made dependent on professional caregivers.

At our St. John senior living home, residents get the specialized care they need without feeling that they are not among their loved ones. We are the ideal St. John senior living option for your aged parent/relative to live life to the fullest.

Contact us to discuss about your needs for:

  • Senior housing
  • Elderly living
  • Senior citizen housing
  • Adult assisted living

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St. John Senior Care Facility


We understand the fears, apprehensions and concerns of the people who bring their beloved senior family member to our St. John senior care facility. We appreciate the fact that they expect our St. John senior care facility to provide them with the top-quality care they themselves are unable to.

Everybody at our St. John senior care facility is committed to ensuring that all the residents get the best possible attention and have no reason to complain. Our St. John senior care facility extends all assistance with their daily activities with no compromise in their dignity, privacy and comfort.

Stop your search for a good senior care facility right here. Make us your top choice for a:

  • Elderly care center
  • Retirement facility
  • Senior nursing home
  • Senior care home

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St. John Senior Home


We offer wide-ranging services at our St. John senior home. People come to us with diverse senior living requirements. Some residents at our St. John senior home may need more healthcare services or assistance with personal care than others.

Realizing this, we ensure highly personalized attention for every resident at our St. John senior home. We are staffed by highly qualified, experienced, sincere and diligent professionals. Our St. John senior home is equipped with the finest in amenities.

We are sure that your loved one will have needs met and expectations fulfilled at our:

  • Elderly home
  • Senior citizen home
  • Senior residence
  • Assisted living home

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